Welcome to Your Music

iBroadcast is a home for your music collection. Whether you have ten songs or ten thousand, your music library is kept safe and easily accessible from anywhere.

No Ads or Upload Limits

  • Core service is free without ads

  • No upload limits or restrictions on library size

  • Organize and listen however you want

  • Your files are kept safe & secure, indefinitely

Your Music. Everywhere.

Play your music library from a constantly growing list of supported devices.


Powerful Tools

We have many ways to easily upload your library and maintain it. We support flac, mp3 and just about every other audio format there is. Our MediaSync Lite app can also keep your music library in sync and even backup your CD collection.

Audiophiles Rejoice

Feature rich players are available for your web browser, and your Android or iOS devices. Lossless streaming, caching for off line playback, tagging, playlist management are just a few of the myriad of available options.

Tailored For You

Listening to your own music collection is a different experience than with other streaming services. Suggestions and curated lists come from your own music library. We do not add, suggest or force anything on you from outside your own collection.

Unparalleled Service

Our users are important to us and we pride ourselves in prompt, personal customer service. Many companies have lost or forgotten this but not here. If you run into trouble, have feedback or suggestions, we listen and respond!

We're Excited!

We are a constantly growing and changing service. We love music and see no end to what we can do here and for you. Our core service is, and will remain free. But consider our premium service which enables addition features for you and helps support iBroadcast.