iBroadcast: iOS Support Page
Where is all the music?
iBroadcast is a place to consolidate all of your music. So, you must first upload your music to your iBroadcast library. Once that is done your music will be kept safe and made available to you wherever you are. When you own your music it is yours forever. You don't have to worry about streaming services losing licenses, artists pulling their music from the service or monthly fees. Once it is here, it stays.
How do I sort by artist?
The "Albums" tab is a multi-function tab. If you tap the arrow icon on the tabs row, you will see all the available sorting options. Choose one to re-sort and display your music in a number of ways.
How do I get my music onto iBroadcast?
If you visit our website from a computer at media.iBroadcast.com we have several methods available for uploading.
What is the direct link to the iBroadcast app on iTunes?
You can find our app on iTunes here.
This page offers help and information specifically for our iOS app. For more general iBroadcast information, please see our support and feedback pages after logging in.