iBroadcast Premium Membership

Become a premium member to get access to additional features and to help support the service you love!

Free Premium
Storage Limits No Limits No Limits
Streaming Limits Throttled for heavy users * No Limits
Streaming Bitrate 128kbps 96kbps - 320kbps, and lossless **
Customer Support Normal High Priority
Cost $0 $3.99/month or $44.99/year
Feels Good Great! Thanks for your support!

Sign up by visiting our website from a desktop computer, and choosing "Account & Membership" from the menu or you can sign up from your mobile device. There are no long term commitments and you can cancel at anytime without any hassle. Email us at support@ibroadcast.com if you need additional help or have any questions at all, we are here for you!

* Most free tier users will never get throttled when using the service normally. Heavy users, those in the top 5%, will get their streaming throttled when their total transfer for the month reaches a certain threshold. You can check your current status in the mobile apps or website under the "Manage Account" menu option. This is only in place to prevent service abuse.

** Bitrate is based on the files you upload. We provide transcoded bitrates from 92kbps - 320kbps for premium users that will play everywhere, on any device. We provide the "original" streaming option in the bitrate and format you upload with no transcoding along with the caveat that it may not play on all platforms (for example, Chromecast does not support AIFF audio files). If you have trouble streaming with the "original" option, try one of the transcoded bitrates.